Rose blooms for Eventide

Rose blooms for Eventide

New Jersey-based effects house debuts DDL machine

Eventide Audio is set to release a new and unique guitar and bass effects pedal to be presented at Winter NAMM 2019: The Rose. Rose sounds and behaves differently than all other stomp box pedals currently on the market; rather than effects running on a DSP chip, Rose is a simple, pristine, super-modulated, digital delay line (DDL) combined with all-analog circuitry bred for mixing, filtering and feedback. The design allows Rose to deliver sounds that both awe and inspire. Sounds that range from lush to experimental – allowing for the musician to create a wide spectrum of unprecedented tones for the stage and in the studio. The Eventide Rose is an intuitive modulated delay in an attractive, small footprint. It has all the precision and flexibility of digital delay with the beauty of analog warmth and feel.

“Rose has the beauty of bucket brigade delay with none of its limitations,” said Anthony Agnello, Eventide’s Managing Director. “It’s the culmination of five years of R&D harkening back to the 1745 DDL, the original Digital Delay Line. Rose is our first stompbox to exploit this new/old way to ‘do’ delay. There is no digital signal processing as such. Just a long, pristine, swept delay. Analog circuitry does the rest.”

The Rose sounds inherently different because of its unusual design. The delay is derived from a variable digital clock that can be swept over a range of ~200kHz for maximum fidelity with up to 10 seconds of delay, down to ~8kHz for 50 seconds of delay. All of Rose’s analog circuitry is employed for mixing, filtering and feedback.

With five modulation sources, three bypass types, five presets, a fully assignable Hotswitch, phase inverse, reverse delay, delay multiplier, MIDI TRS/Expression/Auxiliary Input, an endless garden of possibility abounds.

6 tactile knobs (mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter, rate)
Invert phase and reverse delay
Delay Multiplier
Assignable Hot switch: (tap tempo, delay repeat, mod hold, mod reset, A/B)
5 Factory Presets
Modulation (sine, square, random)
Analog Low Pass Filter
Expression / Auxiliary / Midi TRS input
Three different bypass types: Buffered, Relay, Kill Input
Accepts Line or Instrument Levels
Can be modulated over a range from ~200kHz for maximum fidelity with up to 10 seconds of delay, down to ~8kHz for 50 seconds of delay

Rose is available now for worldwide pre-order with an estimated shipping date of March 15, 2019 for just $349.