Death By Audio aims to annihilate… again

Death By Audio aims to annihilate… again

PSA: The DBA TSA has returned!

New York-based sonic conjurers Death By Audio are releasing a sequel to its favorite sound mangler — the Total Sonic Annihilation 2. This new beast is the same original Total Sonic Annihilation amazing feedback looper taken to the extreme with more options and functions to get even crazier and work more-better-awesome all the time.

The Total Sonic Annihilation 2 was designed to have all your effects on your pedalboard placed into the send/receive loop. While the TSA2 is off, your whole pedalboard (or whatever you have in the loop) works as normal and nothing extra happens besides what you already do with your board. Then, when you engage the TSA2, it instantly transforms all of your effects into otherworldly variations of themselves. Boosters turn to alien fuzz breakers, delays build up to insanity, tremolos arpeggiate, and every effect in the loop gets juiced up and turned into something new and probably explosive. It even works as a bad-ass fuzz synth oscillator all on its own!

Experience the Total Sonic Annihilation 2. Fully updated and improved from the original, totally insane TSA to insane new levels of insanity with some extra insane new features.

The Total Sonic Annihilation 2 will run you $250 and is available now at or your favorite DBA dealer. Check a walk-through of the new pedal below!