Crazy Tube Circuits lets its Falcon fly

Crazy Tube Circuits lets its Falcon fly

New overdrive captures Tweed/Brownface tones

Athens, Greece-based Crazy Tube Circuits has unveiled its new Tweed/Brownface-style overdrive — the Falcon. The history of the pedal dates back to 2016, when the company built a custom amp that was designed to morph between the sounds of certain tweed and brownface designs. They liked the sound and feel of the amp so much that they decided to capture it in a pedal format. According to CTC, the Falcon was designed as a painstakingly close emulation of the circuits found in these amps, with every detail in mind they copied the behavior, sound and feel of the preamp, phase inverter and power amp of both these designs. Applying JFET technology the company managed to recreate not only the overdriven sounds, but the lower gain/clean sounds as well.

CTC said the most important part was emulating the compression and sag coming out of the power amp and tube rectifier respectively. This effect enhances the pedal’s dynamic, musical feel and makes it very responsive to your picking attack. Depending on amp mode setting and your guitar/pickup’s output this effect can be more or less pronounced.

Use the amp mode toggle switch to morph between Tweed (‘55) or Brownface (’61) sounds.
‘61 mode has lower gain for that cleanish or slightly overdriven Brownface sounds.
’55 mode has a bit more gain and low end oooomph designed to make even the weakest guitar sound HUGE. You will also notice way more sag/compression, emulating the cathode bias power tubes of the tweed design compared to the fixed bias power tubes of Brownface.

Just like in the original amps, the volume knob controls the amount of gain. The gain range of the pedal depends on the output of your guitar’s pickup and your picking technique. The Falcon’s tone circuit was designed to behave exactly like the tone control in these amps. Set below half point to smooth out your tone or past half point to boost upper frequencies and give a bit of extra gain/bite. It is highly interactive with the volume control — at higher volume settings the effect of this knob is really subtle.

The Falcon is available now for €169 through select dealers or direct from CTC. Check out the demo video below!