Umibōzu washes ashore for Rougarou

Umibōzu washes ashore for Rougarou

New fuzz pedal aims to cover a lot of sonic ground

Rougarou Pedals has released The Umibōzu fuzz, named for a yōkai — a supernatural Japanese folklore creature, known to capsize ships of sailors that anger or insult them, and it inspired a unique fuzz pedal that can cover all the ground between distortion and fuzz. The drive control adds a wave of dirt that is open in nature versus pinched or compressed. The tone control, which works in tandem with the drive, gives the pedal extensive tonal options despite its simple layout. Clarity through the dirt has become a staple of Louisiana-based Rougarou Pedals’s drives, and The Umibōzu is no different. Even with the drive maxed, the attack is never lost.

The Umibōzu is the product of an extensive development process by Rougarou top man Nathan Heck that resulted in quite a few abandoned prototypes. The process did not end until the team was thrilled with the results. It was an exhaustive endeavor, but the final product speaks for itself. Kara Heck took the visual elements to new heights for Rougarou Pedals with the stunning artwork inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, making it an attractive addition to any board.

The Umibōzu is an LED-based fuzz featuring a simple three-knob layout capable of walls of fuzz while still maintaining clairty. The new pedal is priced at $150. Check out the demo video below!