Carr unveils the Telstar

Carr unveils the Telstar

New guitar amplifier marries unique tube complement

North Carolina-based Carr Amps has created an amp that blends the sinewy harmonic assertion of EL84s with the deep full control of 6L6s in a new and unique push-pull recipe. The Carr Telstar uses 6L6s and EL84s in harmony for a new pallet of expression. The Telstar sound can easily range from haunting rich cleans to creamy overdrive. The amp also boasts a Lean/Lush switch that tailors the body of the tone while the 53/58 switch changes the overall gain structure and the frequencies the Tone control emphasizes. Sonically, the Telstar treads the years from early Fullerton ’50s roundness through late ’50s proto British bite.

The amp boasts 17 Watts full output, 6L6 (stock) plus EL84 power tubes together in push pull class A, an all-tube reverb, built-in variable attenuator 17 watts down to zero, extended range One Knob tone control, early ’60s-era thin wall space age cabinet, custom ‘Valiant’ speaker.

The Telstar 1×12 combo retails for $2,390. Check out the demo video below!