Zorg unveils Small Basstar overdrive

Zorg unveils Small Basstar overdrive

Pedal great for bass and guitar

French effects house Zorg has simplified its eight knob Glorious Basstar resulting with the Small Basstar, a great overdrive pedal for both bass and guitar players.
For bass, the Small Basstar inherits the Glorious Basstar qualities and still allows huge saturated sounds with fat bottom and clear attack, but light crunches are also possible. Despite its simplicity a huge span of settings are still available. For guitar, the pedal gives a great vintage rock sound.

With a lot of precision and a well-defined attack, the pedal allows clean sounds, smooth crunches, futed leads or stoner fuzz.The pedal features a huge gain range, 2x clipper’s choices. and optional soft switch relay true bypass.

The Small Basstar is available mounted or in kits. Retail price of the Small Basstar is 160€ mounted with a +20€ option for a soft switch relay true bypass. Kits range from 15€ to 80€ and are available at only.