TC Electronic introduces auto-syncing looper

TC Electronic introduces auto-syncing looper

Award-winning Ditto series expands with looper for live performers

The new Ditto Jam Looper X2 takes live looping to the next level — for the first time ever, you can use your looper in actual live situations on the fly without syncing to a MIDI clock or a click track. Featuring the revolutionary BeatSense algorithm, Ditto Jam X2 dynamically synchronizes with the band’s rhythmic elements to keep the loop track from drifting by listening to your rhythm section with built-in microphones. This makes live looping more interesting than ever and infinitely more intuitive, giving guitarists the ability to improvise loops organically, while keeping them tight in a live context. No do-overs necessary.

Ditto Jam X2′ s ingenious practice mode utilizes the unique BeatSense algorithm in a different way. By stretching the loop track or squeezing it shorter, BeatSense can speed up or slow down a loop without compromising sound quality. This allows the guitar player to record a loop slowly and gradually adjust the speed with tap tempo – extremely useful for nailing down a tricky piece.

Ditto Jam X2 Looper features two on-board mics and a clip-on mic, intelligent BeatSense algorithm, practice mode with tap tempo looping, dedicated Stop switch, toggle between Rec-Dub-Play and Rec-Play-Dub. The Ditto Jam X2 is priced at $199.