Greer forms an Alliance

Greer forms an Alliance

New US/UK-inspired combo debuts in Nashville

Georgia-based Greer Amplification will have a string of new products on display at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. The all-new Alliance 20 amplifier kicks off the offerings. The 20-watt, Class A, two channel amp sports a pair of EL84 power tubes and forms the perfect alliance of British and American tones. One channel is inspired by a wonderful sounding tweed Champ, the other is a blend of two amazing British tone monsters.

The Alliance features a universal three-way cut toggle that applies to both channels for expanded tone shaping. The amp is available as a 1×12 combo and ships with a Celestion G12H30 speaker.

Watch for this and other fresh Greer gear, like the Supa Cobra drive pedal, which offers a medium to high gain sound, featuring a unique set of clipping options. The new stomp’s Fat setting gets you some nice, fat, chewy, D-style midrange, the middle setting is open and airy, the LED setting gets you into British crunch territory.