Harman reels in DigiTech, jettisons staff

Harman reels in DigiTech, jettisons staff

Pedal unit gets integrated, staff laid off

Harman International, a Samsung company, has made the decision to fully integrate DigiTech/DOD into the Harman professional organization, a move that does not include the retention of the brand’s current team, including marketing manager Tom Cram. Cram lead the new products drive at DigiTech for the first two of his eight years with the company and started by resurrecting the long-dormant DOD brand. Two years in, he was put in charge of the entire brand making inroads into recapturing market share as well as forming unique relationships with smaller builders that would spawn some of the coolest, wide-release pedals in recent years — including the Boneshaker (a joint pedal with Black Arts Toneworks) and the Looking Glass overdrive (in partnership with Shoe Pedals).

“Unfortunately I can’t go into any detail about what happened, but know that all the stuff we created during my tenure was made with love,” said Cram commenting on a Reddit thread about the decision. “If DigiTech/DOD carries on with a new team they may pull from my roadmap, which is cool, but know that the last stuff that me and my team were directly involved with was released at Summer NAMM 2017.”

The current DigiTech/DOD team’s last day is said to be June 22.

Harman has yet to reveal in what capacity, if any, DigiTech/DOD would continue. Last September, the company announced it would be shuttering some US manufacturing locations including its South Jordan, UT — where DigiTech/DOD was based. The company said then the manufacturing operations at that facility would be phased out by mid-2018.