TC Electronic introduces Aeon String Sustainer

TC Electronic introduces Aeon String Sustainer

Take sustain into your own hands

Aeon is a handheld infinite sustain device producing powerful, prolonged notes, and swells of spaced-out sounds at the press of a button. Tap into soaring arpeggios, vibrantly bouncing spiccato lines, surging volume swells, and sweeping legatos easily mastered using a variety of simple techniques.

Aeon’s powerful transducers excite the strings quickly, providing a wide range of dynamic bowing sounds and experimenting with the distance between the string and Aeon, unlocks a world of expressive sustain. Elegantly crafted in brushed aluminum, Aeon provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip for ripping through those extra long solos without distractions. Learn more about Aeon right here!

Aeon is expected to be available during the second quarter of 2018 and carry a retail price of $69.95.