Like A Bomb Through The Breeze

Like A Bomb Through The Breeze

Trio leader coming into her own

HANNAH WICKLUND may seem like the new, fresh face on the blues/rock guitar scene, but that wouldn’t be 100% accurate. You might just be hearing about her now thanks to her new album Hannah Wicklund and The Stepping Stones, but the truth is this 20-year old from South Carolina has been playing guitar for over half of her life. Gearphoria caught up with the guitarist/vocalist/band leader as she traveled the roads of Wisconsin as part of her rarely-ending tour life.

GEARPHORIA: How would you say your songwriting evolved over the years?

HANNAH: My songwriting has changed in a very nature way as a process of getting older. I always wanted to write more authentic, genuine kind of music. I think that has been consistent. I would say that I don’t think I would ever write a song and say the words “rock and roll” in it. And I wouldn’t write a song about partying. That’s not who I am. But as I’ve gotten older I think my vocabulary has gotten better, and the inspiration behind the music has gotten stronger. As you get older you start going through different things.
My material is coming from a more authentic place now rather than having to conjure up scenarios in my mind back when I was like 12 and 13. Now I’m able to think about what happened to me last week. It’s a lot better.

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