Dwarfcraft dials in the Ghost Fax

Dwarfcraft dials in the Ghost Fax

Eau Claire noise merchants execute a new phase

Wisconsin-based Dwarfcraft Devices is diving back into the modulation game in a big way with their new Ghost Fax Phase Computer, a digital maelstrom that adds exciting new abilities along with the tried and true phaser effects. With four different modes and a host of over the top features, the Ghost Fax has something for everyone, from phaser enthusiasts to audio adventurers.

Ghost Fax features include: Between 2 and 32 poles available, choice between Standard, Manual, Envelope Up and Envelope Down Modes, three knobs to control the phase sounds – Action, Feedback, and Poles, full Wet/Dry blend, a secret Menu available by holding down both foot switches for deeper tonal control, expression control over Poles or Action and more.

The Ghost Fax will retail for $249 and will start shipping in April 2018.