Choice cuts from Winter NAMM

Choice cuts from Winter NAMM

Expanded venue, exhibitor shuffle and the same ol’ NAMMthrax

Dozens of early reveals and a half-gallon of hand sanitizer later and the Winter NAMM show seemed to lose a bit of its wow factor in 2018… yet still remained worth the trip.


THE GREAT NAMM Booth Shuffle was in high gear at this year’s Winter NAMM show in Anaheim. A new addition to the Anaheim Convention Center meant the organizers could experiment with lumping like brands and instruments in the same area with one another.

The biggest impact of the change was felt in Hall E, which used to give off this mad scientist vibe where first timers with noisemakers dwelled and patrons could guarantee a run-in with some pretty freaky stuff. This year’s E felt more sterile and a bit lifeless due to the over-abundance of non-amplified stringed instruments in the area. There was still a bit of whimsy towards the back, but nothing like in years past as most of the effect pedal and electric instrument vendors were relocated upstairs to Hall D.

According to show organizers, 7,000 brands (the same as last year) and nearly 2,000 exhibiting companies (up from 1,779 in 2017) were present across the exhibition floor. The show also touted 115,085 registered industry pros, an increase of around 8,000 over the 2017 tally.

“NAMM members, alongside our partners and guests, deserve all the credit for creating such an incredibly powerful industry gathering,” affirmed Joe Lamond, NAMM president and CEO. “The ‘crossroads’ of industry pros, coupled with the passion and dedication to drive business forward in new and innovative ways, ensures an exciting year ahead for all aspects of music making and production.”

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