Run, Rabbit, Run

Run, Rabbit, Run

Rabbit Hole FX looks to build on early lessons

AT THE NAMM show last January, Safia Harrison of Rabbit Hole FX had a pedalboard set-up showcasing the brand’s first three pedals as part of the traveling Stompbox Exhibit. Eager to show off the latest Rabbit Hole offerings, she stood front and center, ready to talk gear and walk any interested parties through the functionality of the Chasomic fuzz, Analog Phaser and A ‘Merkin fuzz. Then something she did not expect to happen, happened.

“When we set up in January, people were coming in and shaking hands with all the builders… and I got skipped a couple of times,” she recalls. “I tried not to take it personally because it is different for me (a woman) to be there. I did adjust a little bit. I forced myself to be a little more assertive and let people know that this is my company. It is neat to see how attitudes change once we’re in a conversation about the pedals. It throws some people off. Again, the gear guy’s girlfriend, which in all fairness, is how it started, but that has changed now. It is what it is. I’m fine with it.”

When Harrison attended her first NAMM show, it was with one-time Rabbit Hole partner Adam Cohen. He was a musician in the regional North Carolina metal scene, and a self-professed pedal junkie. The pair attended the 2015 show in Anaheim as retailers, part of Harrison’s MetalString Sound.

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