Mojotone on the move

Mojotone on the move

Mojotone plans to consolidate operations under one roof

ON THE DAY of our visit, the headquarters of leading music equipment manufacturer and supplier Mojotone was abuzz with the normal activity of a Wednesday morning. The crew of 50-plus staff at the Burgaw, North Carolina facility was fulfilling orders, milling cabinets, wiring pickups — all the things they would be doing any other work day. But there was something different happening as well. Boxes lined a few of the main building corridors and inventory was being palleted, wrapped and readied. Readied for the big move. The company was relocating to a new facility about a mile and a half away. It was a shell building that the county built to attract business. Mojotone bought it from the county.

“This building is 25,000 square feet and we have two 5,000 square feet building across the street,” explains Mike McWhorter, chief executive officer of Mojotone. “We’re moving to a 40,000 square foot building that is just right down the road. They just put the floor in last week. It’s two stories. We’ll be able to fit all three building inside. It has 30-foot ceilings, where these are 14. So we’ll be able to go high with everything. It’ll give us a lot more room. You can see, we’re pretty packed in here.”

Mojotone has over one thousand suppliers and over 5,000 SKUs. Just looking at a single speaker cabinet, there is a company that makes the handle hardware, another that makes the leather handle, the coverings, the copperhead screws, the feet, corners — all of the additional hardware. There are over 10 vendors on one cab.

The current Mojotone main building houses much of manufacturing and shipping, while the smaller units across the street house a second wood shop and laser CNC machines.

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