The man behind BYOC

The man behind BYOC

BYOC is only “part” of the story…

DO IT YOURSELF. That’s a phrase that runs rampant across the widen spectrum of cable channel home improvement shows these days, but also has always had a strong presence lurking in the shadows of the MI community. Whether it’s tales of professional builders getting their first taste of electronics noodling via a Heathkit build or the like, both industry veterans and the tech-minded, gear-curious public have rarely shied away from eyeballing a set of internals and figuring out what makes them tick. Keith Vonderhulls, founder and chief parts wrangler for Build Your Own Clone, was the same way. He started a small pedal company, but soon realized that if someone would take the time to write out detailed instructions on how to assemble them, he could ship pedal parts out that the end-user could assemble — less hassle on his end, greater fulfillment for the buyer/builder. And a new company was born…

LOCATED IN Richland, Washington — most well-known in US history has home to one of the Manhattan Project sites — Build Your Own Clone has undergone a bit of a growth spurt in recent months, at least in footprint. The company recently took over the adjacent space vacated by a trucking dispatch company, which gives it a bit more breathing room than it had with its existing square footage. As things were, the company was getting fairly crowded in its warehouse space, the floor of which most days is used as an assembly line for pedal kit construction. On the day of our visit, amplifier cabinets were the chore of choice.

“It’s been really cramped in here,” confesses Vonderhulls. “We’re doing powder coating in a little makeshift booth. It had gotten bad. We were making sawdust and powder. We had a storage unit that I got rid of. We brought the stuff here… and I didn’t realize how many enclosures we had. When you don’t have the stuff in front of you, you lose count of just what you have. And they weren’t even the primary enclosures that we use. These the 1610s. The slightly bigger ones. Those will probably last us three to four years.”

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