The many shades of Baroness

The many shades of Baroness

Baroness’ front man talks new album, more…

WITH THE release of their new album, Purple, the members of Baroness — John Baizley – vocals and guitar, Pete Adams – guitar and vocals, Nick Jost – bass and keyboards, and Sebastian Thomson – drums — find themselves fielding an endless list of media requests. Purple is, in many ways, a landmark album — it’s the band’s first time writing and recording with Jost and Thomson, their first with producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney), their first on their own label, Abraxan Hymns, and of course their first since 2012’s horrific bus accident, which left permanent scars — physical and emotional — on the band, resulting in two members’ departures, and Jost and Thomson joining the group.

With so much in their past and their future, it’s no wonder that press requests are mounting. The build-up to Purple generated a high-level buzz from diehard Baroness fans; the band responded with a series of documentary-style videos while the album was in progress. They are active on social media — a change from just a few years ago, when they turned those responsibilities over to their record label. Despite the many outlets available for communicating with fans, Baizley still believes in doing interviews — hours-long ones at that — and notes the importance of utilizing all means to network with listeners. “There’s a broader spectrum of avenues through which you can reach an audience these days,” he says. “I think it would be ignorant to neglect any one of them.”

GEARPHORIA: One of the articles I read online describes Baroness as “sludge-prog giants.” Is that apt?

JOHN: I wouldn’t necessarily call us any of those things, although maybe “prog” is the right word. I don’t know about being a giant or being involved in sludge, although I’ve seen it written and I am highly aware of that term.

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