Sublime Guitar Company branches out

Sublime Guitar Company branches out

Guitar maker plans more pedals, accessories

DID YOU EVER hear the one about the guitar start-up founded by a drum company? In 2011, Terry Platt, chief executive of Crush Drums and company co-founder Chad Huang returned from the Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California, with the germ of an idea: What if Crush started a guitar line? Terry recruited brother Tommy to help create what would after several months of development become Sublime Guitar Company.

“Calling it Crush Guitars didn’t make much since to me so we spent a lot of time on the branding side of things and how it would work,” recalls Tommy Platt, who took over as boss of Sublime in early 2015. “He has a series of drums called the Sublime series and I suggested that Sublime Guitar Company sounded pretty good. And he was like… ‘Yeah, that would be a cool name.’ One of his partners who is now creative director for Gator Cases, Mike Swenson — still a real good buddy of ours — he is the one that designed our logo. What’s funny is it was the first one he did. He did it and showed it to me and asked ‘What do you think?’ I was like… that’s it. It’s perfect! After that, he did design three or four more… but that first one was the one. He knew it too.”

Platt wasn’t overly keen about jumping into the Strat and Tele copy business, so early on he started in with line drawings and Photoshop, coming up with shapes that would be familiar, but not dead-on copies. For example, the Millennia is obviously influenced by the Les Paul. The Chieftain and Jayhawk would echo the best parts of a 335 and a Tele. After arriving at designs everyone liked, there was still a problem in Platt’s eyes.

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