John Jorgenson’s tuneful triad

John Jorgenson’s tuneful triad

Busy Jorgenson offers three new albums

While other artists release digital CDs and EPs, or sometimes singles in lieu of full-length discs, John Jorgenson has taken the road now much less traveled by releasing Divertuoso, a box set of new material. Three new albums, three distinct styles, three different groups of musicians, released at the same time. Even he admits that it is an unorthodox undertaking.

Jorgenson is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, band member, studio musician, solo artist, Grammy and Academy of Country Music award-winner, and truly a guitarist’s guitarist. Divertuoso showcases the triumvirate of his current projects and endless musical skills. Gifts From The Flood, an electric-guitar solo album, was inspired by the instruments that survived the devastating Nashville floods of 2010. Returning, an album of gypsy jazz, features the John Jorgenson Quintet: Jorgenson – guitar and clarinet, John Jarvis – piano, Jason Anick – violin, Kevin Nolan – rhythm guitar, Simon Planting – bass, Holland and Rick Reed – percussion. From The Crow’s Nest, the bluegrass album, was recorded with J2B2, his bluegrass band: Jorgenson – mandolin, Herb Pederson – banjo, Jon Randall – guitar, and Mark Fain – bass.

GEARPHORIA recently spoke to Jorgenson about this diverse collection of songs, and more…

GEARPHORIA: You play in three bands, with three genres of music. What do you have to bring to the table with each one?

JOHN: I have a bar that I set for myself, so what I’m striving to do is bring something different, something new. I need to be a clear leader for each one of them and let them know what’s expected material-wise. The players that I pick are the very best at their unique talents, so I need to give them a good chance to play and sing and do a good performance.

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