Blackbird Pedalboards finds new nest

Blackbird Pedalboards finds new nest

Blackbird upgrades space, starts supply store

SOME BUSINESSES are born out of necessity. Some are built out of desire. Still others… are just flukes. You’ll find by talking with many of the smaller gear manufacturers around, that their businesses were born from first doing a little something nice for themselves… and then that ‘little something nice’ catching the attention of a fellow musician, and snowballing from there. That was the case for guitar instructor David Quinones, founder of Florida-based Blackbird Pedalboards, who was just looking for a more comfortable solution to mounting a volume pedal on a conventional board.

“I was in a band and I needed a board,” he recalls. “I couldn’t use my volume pedal on a sloped board. I just couldn’t throw my ankle back that far. So the very first Blackbird I design had two platforms. One was flat for my volume and the other angled for the rest of the board. We called it the Wah Wedge. That is actually why I built the first one.”

Quinones built the second one when a fellow guitar instructor took a shine to the creation and asked for one of his own. More orders from more instructors followed while others trickled in from a post he make on a popular internet gear forum. The year was 2009… and there was a recession going on. Lessons dried up, so the pedalboards became an attractive outlet to make some supplemental cash. So where did the name Blackbird come from?

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