Faith No More’s Jon Hudson talks gear, new album

Faith No More’s Jon Hudson talks gear, new album

New album, Sol Invictus, coming in May!

Faith No More guitarist Jon Hudson is more about foundation than flash… more structure than strut. He has been the guitarist in the Bay Area-based quintet for almost 20 years, yet due to a decade’s long hiatus and the timing of his tenure, he has only appeared on one of the band’s albums — 1997’s Album Of The Year. Later this year, he will appear on his second. Sol Invictus, due out in late spring, will set the stage for a new tour, which is currently set to roll across the West and East Coasts of the United States starting in April and carrying across the pond to Europe at the beginning of summer. Gearphoria spoke with Hudson about the new record (including some of his gear choices on it) and his live rig, just prior to the band jetting over to Australia for a gig at the country’s massive Soundwave Festival.

GEARPHORIA: When did you know that there was going to be a new Faith No More project/album?

JON: I wasn’t really focused on it too much. We played one new song (Matador) about three years ago. We took a wait-and-see approach, you know. Just let’s see how it goes. The band enjoyed playing a new song… the first one in ages, right? I don’t even recall that there was a lot of discussion about it. If I remember correctly, Bill started writing some stuff maybe about a year after that. Then we all gradually started to work on it. It’s the culmination of a couple of years worth of work.

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