Visual Sound’s Bob Weil: Can You See It?

Visual Sound’s Bob Weil: Can You See It?

Tennessee-based pedal shop celebrates 20 years in 2015

Seeing is believing. Bob Weil founded Visual Sound on that simple notion. Looking for a better solution to the existing volume pedals on the market, Weil employed a light meter that would show guitarists how much oomph was passing through the pedal. Things were good… then things got bad. Out of money on the cusp of the release of the company’s flagship Jekyll and Hyde distortion/overdrive pedal, Visual Sound filed for bankruptcy. Weil, accepting but not happy about the defeat, started his search for another job. Not long into the process, an unexpected phone call from overseas changed the game and brought Visual Sound roaring back to life.

IT WAS August 1998. Financially drained and in over its head, Visual Sound filed for bankruptcy protection. Company founder Bob Weil admits making some bad decisions, but ultimately the company just ran out of money, and not long after introducing what would become its flagship pedal – the Jekyll & Hyde distortion/overdrive.

Initial reception of the pedal was good, but with no money to order parts the company was sunk. About two weeks after the company filed, Weil received a fax from a distributor in Germany. He had purchased a handful of early Jekyll & Hydes at a tradeshow and, unbeknownst to Visual Sound, had sent them out to a few magazines in Europe for review. In short, the press loved them. The distributor’s fax was an order… a significant order… for Jekyll & Hydes.

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