Greg Edwards: Failure’s Fantastic Return

Greg Edwards: Failure’s Fantastic Return

It had been over 17 years since Greg Edwards and his bandmates in Failure hit the stage. They were anxious, as well as curious about the prospect. What if the fans forgot?

GUITARIST/BASSIST Greg Edwards didn’t stand still for long after Failure, his band with Ken Andrews and Kellii Scott broke up in the mid- 1990s. He worked with bands like Lusk, and continues to be the driving force behind Autolux. But when he and Andrews rekindled their friendship a few years back, talks soon swung to a possible Failure reunion. The band ended in a swirl of runaway drug use fol- lowing its most successful and critically acclaimed album, 1996’s Fantastic Planet. Today, the reformed Failure is on the road perform- ing its first headlining gigs in almost two decades. GEARPHORIA caught up with Edwards recently to talk about the success of Failure.

GEARPHORIA: Tell us about the El Rey experience. Did you expect the positive reception the band received after almost a two-decade absence?

GREG: Pound for pound, absolutely the most enthusiastic (crowd we ever played for). Almost the whole crowd was singing every lyric. The emotion in the room was palpable. It was really kind of over- whelming. We didn’t expect for the show to sell out the way it did and we didn’t expect for the crowd to be so tuned in the whole time. After this much time, you’d think that maybe people would get excited about the idea of it, but then the actual experience sort of… it’s more for the nostalgia and to say you did it. But it really seemed like that people were pro- found experiences… and we were too.
It was great. One show after that many years… it was a lot of pressure. It wasn’t the loosest show for us, as far as really enjoying ourselves up there, but I think we’ve had some better shows than that with some of these opening gigs we did with Tool. With the upcoming headlin- ing tour, we’re really looking forward to that because we’re a lot more comfort- able now. We know we can do it. I think we’re probably better than where we were at back in the day.

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