The Truth About Salvage Custom

The Truth About Salvage Custom

‘Crazy art guy’ Daniel Tyack wanted to make things

IT SOUNDED like a good plan. A freelance marketing specialist, with a nice little group of clients, decides to use a bit of downtime during a big project to build himself a pedalboard. Already a handy woodworker, the results of the initial build are impressive enough that he opts to share his creation with friends and local musicians. The feedback is phenomenal, with a few folks even willing to place an order for their own boards. This was right about the time that a light bulb went off in Daniel Tyack’s brain. He could, while waiting for a pending marketing job to green light, build a few of these and sell them… and the profits could go toward feeding his own gear habit without dipping into his (and his wife’s) personal bank account. It sounded like a win-win. It wasn’t too long after this however, when things got a little sideways.

“I got myself into trouble when we first started,” admits Tyack. “I didn’t actually mean to start. I had no intention of doing this. I was having a plenty fun time running a little freelance marketing business. I had one client where we were in the middle of a bigger push. We were going to open up a bunch of salons in Texas. It was on hold with the investor… so we were waiting. I basically had about three months of downtime. I was on a retainer and just waiting for it to happen. I didn’t want to pick up any other major clients in the meantime, because this was pretty much going to take up all of my time… forever. I would be working remotely for them and then going out there a couple of times a year to make sure everything was good. During that downtime I found myself out in my shed at home building guitars… and still doing a little bit of work for the client. So I decided that I was going to build myself a sweet pedalboard. I’d had the design for that fold-out board that we do in my head since 1998. I always thought it would be sweet to have, but I just never did it. I always just played something else… and just never had the time to make the prototype. So in this down time and found this old suitcase… and I was talking with a friend about building a board into it, so I did. I made this pedalboard/suitcase rig, made a cool hardwood frame for it… and then all of my musician friends just started freaking out about it.”

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