LIVE Lives!

LIVE Lives!

Guitarist Chad Taylor talks gear, friendships and the future of Live

IT’S BEEN seven years since we’ve had a new record from York, Pennsylvania-based rock group Live. In that time, the band has undergone some changes… most notably the noisy departure of founding vocalist Ed Kowalczyk. The group has resurfaced off-and-on in recent times, but none more high-profile than this year’s Summerland tour with other ‘90s-era hitmakers Sponge, Filter and Everclear. With new singer Chris Shinn in the fold, and new music in the can, Live is poised to reclaim some of the magic that made it one of the most successful bands of the post-Grunge world. Guitarist Chad Taylor sat down with Gearphoria for an exclusive interview and discusssed the current state of the band, his plans for its future and his current live rig spread.

GEARPHORIA: Next year will be the 20th anniversary of Throwing Copper. Can you wrap your head around that and tell us what you recall was the thinking of the band going into that very successful second album?

CHAD: Probably the most important elements of Throwing Copper are that we wrote the songs pretty isolated… Ed and I did. We wrote the songs for Throwing Copper in this little rehearsal space in Lancaster probably over about a period of a year. We were still touring on and off for Mental Jewelry during that year time period. So we had a chance to hone the songs, to rehearse them, practice them… to feel what they felt like live over the course of the year before we even went in for pre-production. So we were very well rehearsed for the songs. Then we did two or three weeks of pre-production with Jerry Harrison in Milwaukee prior to recording the album… for further rehearsals and further refinement of the songs. By the time we finally hit Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota it only took two weeks to record the record. It went extremely fast. I think we might have done another week of vocal overdubs, but the core, base of the record was done in two weeks. It was an extremely quick process. Then it was the long and arduous tour that launched before the record was released. Then the eventual success of the record… that took a whole year… and the subsequent tours after that. It winded up taking… I don’t know… four years? It was a really long, grueling run. But the sounds, the sonic nature of the record, was honed on stage. I really think that it was essential to the sound of what happened on Throwing Copper.

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