Sevendust: Dust Brothers

Sevendust: Dust Brothers

Metal guitarists talk new record, side projects, more…

JOHN CONNOLLY AND CLINT LOWERY have been crushing skulls as the lethal guitar duo for Georgia-based Sevendust for years. Despite time away from the band for Lowery and a year off for the band in general during 2012, a new album released this winter – Black Out The Sun – finds the metal stalwarts in top form. Gearphoria recently spoke with pair during a tour stop in Houston where they revealed keys to their longevity, a love of plug-ins and recent gear additions.

GEARPHORIA: The band took some time off during 2012 following the Cold Day Memory tour. Did you get to rest up or keep busy?

JOHN: It was pretty busy in hindsight… for an off year for Sevendust. We had two side projects. Clint and Morgan (Rose) did a project called Call Me No One and me and Vinnie (Hornsby) did a project called Projected. Just kind of for fun… just something else to do. Lajon went and guest sang on a few things. We made a record, so it was like all-in, even though it was an off year for the band, a busy year as far as getting music out there that was related to everything that is Sevendust. It was kind of cool.

GEARPHORIA: Was there a big difference in approach between the new record, Black Out The Sun, and Cold Day Memory?

CLINT: It was a completely different thing. We produced it ourselves. We didn’t have as much material beforehand. John and I each had a few ideas, but we just kind of went in with an empty library, you know? We had a few songs… like ‘Decay’. The model of the music was something that John had… that he had written for Cold Day Memory. Ultimately, the differences were going in and producing it ourselves, the different studio and doing it in half the time with less material. Just going in as a band and writing it on the spot.

JOHN: There was a long break going into it though, so when we hit it we were really ready to go. By the time we hit the studio we had missed Sevendust… because we took it away from ourselves for as long as we did. The fans needed a break from it. We needed a break from it. Sevendust needed a break from Sevendust, you know? We still love this, but you don’t want to overdo it. And there are families to figure into the equation. Clint just had a brand new baby girl a couple of weeks ago. So you’ve got the family life and this… that kind of has to make sense. Sometimes you need that time away to be able to appreciate how important it really is to you in the first place. There was a lot of speculation before we made that last record that this was it… Sevendust is hanging it up. People ask all of the time… and I’m like it’s the same five guys that are still making music together and I don’t think there is any danger of stopping anytime soon. We might not make a record a year for the rest of our lives, but we still love doing this. We’ve got to moderate how much we do of it.

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