Earned His Stripes

Earned His Stripes

Zebra’s Randy Jackson in full gallop

FOR MORE than 35 years, Randy Jackson has fronted the New York via New Orleans rock trio Zebra. After four studio albums, including a debut that was label Atlantic’s fastest selling ever, the band is preparing to make a new one later this year.
Zebra’s last record – Zebra IV – was released a decade ago, but the band has maintained a steady slate of gigs.
For years, Jackson has kept a healthy schedule of solo acoustic shows with setlists made up of both classic Zebra and other rock gems from the likes of The Beatles and The Moody Blues.
GEARPHORIA recently spoke with Jackson about all things Zebra and his current gear of choice.

GEARPHORIA: What was it like being a rock band in New Orleans in the late 1970s?

RANDY: There was a kind of a local club scene with bands doing covers. Most of the bands that were successful were covering English bands – Bowie and Zeppelin. There was some Aerosmith and stuff like that. So those bands were there. Mink was one of them… another band called Star. Guy, Felix and I figured we could go out and make some money doing the same type of thing. At the same time, we had the intention of doing original stuff. That was there before we even started playing. So we were kind of mixing it up. The scene was very healthy. New Orleans is known for jazz and other styles of music before rock, but there was a pretty happening little rock scene down here. There were a lot of clubs… and bands were working regularly.

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