Cancer Bats guitarist is an effects fiend and a lover of Nik Huber guitars

CANCER BATS guitarist Scott Middleton likes to go into a new album project with at least one new piece of gear, usually a guitar or pedal, as a point of inspiration in the creative process. Perhaps it has been this prerequisite that has led the Canadian axe man to explore the boutique end of the industry a bit more than the stereotypical heavy rock player. He sees a lot of his band in some of these smaller builders — grassroots projects, independent and making art… where every sale means something.

“For me, I love seeing innovation,” explains Middleton on the sidelines of SXSW in Austin. “I love seeing something new… practical, useful things, and I’m always willing to try something new. Each new effect or each new guitar I pick up from a small builder, that is a new inspiration for me… something that is going to inspire me to try something new and approach music differently, even in the smallest way. For me that is all part of the creative process. I can see my evolution from album to album based on all of this gear I have.”

For the Cancer Bats latest album, Searching For Zero, Middleton and the band holed up in producer Ross Robinson’s home studio at Venice Beach. For three and a half weeks, the band thundered its way through the 12-track release. Robinson was chosen to produce the album to get the Bats out of their comfort zone… and that mission was accomplished…

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