Issue #22 has a ton of goodness… just for you! Inside? Shop tours with Keeley Electronics, Chase Bliss Audio and Nelson Instruments, an exclusive artist Q&A with Chris Robinson Brotherhood guitarist Neal Casal, our Top 7 pedals released in 2016 and much more!

Our exclusive shop tour with Keeley starts… here.
Our exclusive interview with Neal Casal is… here.
Check out the new digs of Chase Bliss Audio… here.
Our gear reviews, including a look at the Reverend Guitars Rick Vito RT, start… here.

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Year 5 has begun with Issue #21! Inside? Shop tours with Verellen Amps and Build Your Own Clone, an exclusive artist Q&A with Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, a lesson in cooperation from Fuzzrocious Pedals’ Ryan Ratajski and much more!

Our exclusive shop tour with Verellen starts… here.
Our exclusive interview with Nuno Bettencourt is… here.
Check out the digs of Build Your Own Clone… here.
Our gear reviews, including a look at the T-Rex Replicator, start… here.

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Pedals, art and the call for collaboration

OWNING AND operating a business in the music world, let alone the world at large, is a daunting task. I wear a lot of hats at Fuzzrocious. I design circuits, populate components on PCBs, order and sort components, deal with the public via phone/social media/e-mail/face-to-face, pay the bills, balance the books, work in part on the website, create and edit demo videos, plan and coordinate events, solder, drill, pay taxes, and much more…oh, and I have a family, too. Each part of running this business is a piece of a puzzle that I construct, disassemble, and reassemble on a daily basis, many times in a set routine in a the same order over and over again. This could drive a sane person nuts and on some occasions, I am driven batty. Yes, facets of my job are exciting, but that excitement fades and is easily clouded. There are many things that I cannot do alone and some projects Fuzzrocious takes on depend on the most crucial part of running a business: collaboration.

A Big Start
In the last three years, Fuzzrocious has collaborated on a large scale with MXR Bass Innovations (Dunlop), Dwarfcraft Devices, and Electro-Faustus to create new offerings to the pedal world. We owe much of our success and forward momentum to the MXR/Dunlop family for helping us make a big leap into a larger market. Creating the MXR Bass Distortion with them was nothing short of amazing from start to finish. It was an honor. Even after the designing was over and the hard part was finished for our part of the bargain, new attention was brought to our little company and family, affording us new experiences and opportunities.

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The MI industry’s show of show was another monster

THE 115th NAMM show is in the books, and it was a big one according to show organizers. The National Association of Music Merchants said a record 1,726 exhibiting companies representing more than 6,000 brands were showcased at the 2016 affair, a 7% increase in exhibiting companies over last year’s event.

Show registration figures were up 2% over the 2015 show to 101,736, which includes a mix of NAMM member buyers and retail employees, exhibitors, media, artists, NAMM members’ invited guests, college music students and school music teachers. An impromptu poll of a handful of NAMM exhibitors revealed some concerns over the level of non-buyers in the crowd at this year’s show. While we weren’t in a position to count badges, it did seem like their was a dearth of end-user types milling around the convention center as opposed to blue-badged buyers.

Just over 400 of the exhibiting companies at the 2016 show were first-timers according to the organizers. Among those who were there for the first time were New Zealand’s Lightning Wave and local amp show Otis Amplification. In addition to the new-to-NAMM names, 174 companies returned after a lapse of a year or more, according to the show.

The show’s global stature grew with 15,915 international registrants traveling to Anaheim from abroad, a 20% increase over 2015. Attendees came from all corners of the globe representing 125 different countries.

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We’re springing towards summer and our latest issue is hot! We’ve got amp talk with John Thompson of Bad Cat, guitar talk with Mark Tremonti and Cancer Bats’ Scott Middleton… plus show wrap-ups, gear reviews and more!

Our exclusive shop tour of Bad Cat Amplification starts here.
Our one-on-one Q&A with guitarist Mark Tremonti is… here.
A wrap-up of both the Guitar Pedal Expo and SXSW Music Gear Fest is… here.
Our gear reviews, including the world premiere of a new amp from Park, start… here.


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