Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 4

It’s cold outside, but the gear is hot in here! This issue we run down the 2015 Winter NAMM show, talk with Faith No More’s Jon Hudson and Kansas’ Rich Williams and much more…

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 3

In this issue, we visit Damage Control/Strymon, chat with guitarist Greg Howe, get a first-hand account of inaugural The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 2

In this issue, we head to the desert and a shop tour with luthier TK Smith, talk with guitarist Steve Stevens about the new Billy Idol album, check in on Josh Smith’s new home studio build and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 1

We’re all new… and bimonthly too! Vol 3, No 1 is packed with greatness… like a behind the scenes look at Visual Sound, an exclusive interview with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, a Summer NAMM wrap-up, gear news, reviews and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 4

This time out we have a pair of Texas shop tours/profiles in the form of Collings Guitars and Mojo Hand FX, an artist trifecta (again!) with Rich Robinson, Greg Edwards and Reb Beach… gear news, reviews and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 3

We take a tour around the EMG Pickups and Mission Engineering shops… and we have an artist Q&A trifecta (Zane Carney, Michael Landau and Ty Tabor) to go along with our three exclusive gear reviews! Happy reading!

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 2

We journey to Portland to sample the area’s robust boutique MI scene. Our artist Q&As include talks with Vertical Horizon’s Matt Scannell and Def Leppard’s Phil Collen. We top it all off with three exclusive gear reviews and much more…

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 1

We start our second year with a pair of tasty shop tours featuring Texas-based Cardinal Instruments and So Cal’s Salvage Custom. We talk with Chad Taylor of Live and former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber. We also wrap up Summer NAMM and more…

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 4

We’re West Coast struttin’ this issue with a tour of 65amps new digs in Los Angeles, a talk with BMF Effects’ top dog Scott Kiraly and show wrap-ups from the first-ever GuitarPedalExpo, among others. We also talk with Grant-Lee Phillips and the boys from Sevendust!

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 3

In this issue, we’re all about the Ians… namely Big Wreck frontman Ian Thornley and blues/rock guitarist Ian Moore. Didn’t get enough NAMM coverage? Check out our 24-page NAMM notebook! Check out shop tours with Tortuga Effects and Morgan Amps… and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 2

We’re back! …and the Winter 2012 issue is packed! Check out our exclusive Q&A with Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. We’ve also got shop tours with Kauer Guitars and Skreddy Pedals… Christmas present ideas for the guitarist in your family… and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 1 is here!

Have a plate of BBQ with guitarist David Grissom. See shop tours of Jackson Ampworks and Caroline Guitar Company. Check out the world premiere review of the soon-to-be-released EarthQuaker Devices Talons overdrive… and much more!


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  • PureSalem Guitars and 323 Effects have teamed up on a new pedal range. Check out the upcoming Honey Bunny and Pink Beard!

    PureSalem Guitars

    PureSalem Guitars has teamed up with Brian Nelson of 323 Effects to create a limited line of FUZZ pedals called SALEMFUZZ. These are limited to runs of 25 pedals each and are of the highest quality order. The price is $225.00 each and will be available through the PureSalem Guitars Website only. The HONEY BUNNY & PINK BEARD are just the first two in the series .... you can contact me for pre-orders. These pedals are handmade and built like a tank !!!SalemFuzz HoneyBunnyThis is "THE RHYTHM" Fuzz !!!! Straight-forward fuzz tones! With its tight but meaty low end and scooped mids you’re nailing 90’s rock rhythm right out of the box. And the HoneyBunny has more than enough gain on tap to satisfy even the stingiest of gain hogs. Don’t want to get lost in the mix? Crank up the tone knob and let your notes shine. Even with the fuzz turned to 11, string definition is still in tact. Whether you’re rocking single coils or humbuckers, this pedal is a perfect match!High quality components are used throughout. Relay based bypass makes for silent and smooth true-bypass switching. No annoying POPS that are common with high gain effects. It’s housed in a semi-translucent sparkly green aluminum enclosure and topped with white screen printed graphics and large white fluted knobs. Standard 9V DC negative ground power adapter.SalemFuzz PinkBeardModern, high-gain transistor fuzz. And this thing is LOUD!!! It can handle anything from smooth distortion to over-the-top nasty fuzz. The three-position toggle switch takes the pedal from normal fuzz tones in the right position to a gated, splatty feel with fizzy decay in the left position, all while remaining musical and useful. The middle position takes you into synthy video game territory and lets the notes “bloom” slightly during the sustain. And for a more fizzy note decay, roll back on your guitar’s volume knob! Use the starve control to affect the voltage supplied to the circuit – depending on the toggle setting this can either smooth out the higher gain settings or enhance the sputters and splats. Playing higher up the neck can even cause an octave up effect! The starve, fuzz, and toggle are all very interactive, making for tons of tonal possibilities.High quality components are used throughout. Relay based bypass makes for silent and smooth true-bypass switching. No annoying POPS that are common with high gain effects. All this is wrapped up in a pink powder-coated aluminum enclosure with screen-printed graphics and large, high quality, white fluted knobs. Standard 9V DC negative ground power adapter.