Gearphoria Volume 4/Number 2

Before it gets too chilly let’s turn up the heat with a ton of new gear! Check out our exclusives with Joe Satriani, Black Cat Pedals, the LA Amp Show and more…

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Gearphoria Volume 4/Number 1

Autumn calls! So step right into the new issue and some of the coolest gear around. Check out our tour of WGS, interviews with Alan Morse, Rob Balducci and more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 6

It’s hot outside… but we’ve got the coolest gear inside! Check out our tour of Matchless Amps, interviews with Neil Giraldo, Charlie Hunter and more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 5

Things are heating up in our latest issue, which includes an exclusive chat with Bad Cat top man John Thompson, a Q&A with guitarist Mark Tremonti, a world premiere from Park Amps and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 4

It’s cold outside, but the gear is hot in here! This issue we run down the 2015 Winter NAMM show, talk with Faith No More’s Jon Hudson and Kansas’ Rich Williams and much more…

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 3

In this issue, we visit Damage Control/Strymon, chat with guitarist Greg Howe, get a first-hand account of inaugural The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 2

In this issue, we head to the desert and a shop tour with luthier TK Smith, talk with guitarist Steve Stevens about the new Billy Idol album, check in on Josh Smith’s new home studio build and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 3/Number 1

We’re all new… and bimonthly too! Vol 3, No 1 is packed with greatness… like a behind the scenes look at Visual Sound, an exclusive interview with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, a Summer NAMM wrap-up, gear news, reviews and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 4

This time out we have a pair of Texas shop tours/profiles in the form of Collings Guitars and Mojo Hand FX, an artist trifecta (again!) with Rich Robinson, Greg Edwards and Reb Beach… gear news, reviews and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 3

We take a tour around the EMG Pickups and Mission Engineering shops… and we have an artist Q&A trifecta (Zane Carney, Michael Landau and Ty Tabor) to go along with our three exclusive gear reviews! Happy reading!

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 2

We journey to Portland to sample the area’s robust boutique MI scene. Our artist Q&As include talks with Vertical Horizon’s Matt Scannell and Def Leppard’s Phil Collen. We top it all off with three exclusive gear reviews and much more…

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Gearphoria Volume 2/Number 1

We start our second year with a pair of tasty shop tours featuring Texas-based Cardinal Instruments and So Cal’s Salvage Custom. We talk with Chad Taylor of Live and former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber. We also wrap up Summer NAMM and more…

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 4

We’re West Coast struttin’ this issue with a tour of 65amps new digs in Los Angeles, a talk with BMF Effects’ top dog Scott Kiraly and show wrap-ups from the first-ever GuitarPedalExpo, among others. We also talk with Grant-Lee Phillips and the boys from Sevendust!

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 3

In this issue, we’re all about the Ians… namely Big Wreck frontman Ian Thornley and blues/rock guitarist Ian Moore. Didn’t get enough NAMM coverage? Check out our 24-page NAMM notebook! Check out shop tours with Tortuga Effects and Morgan Amps… and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 2

We’re back! …and the Winter 2012 issue is packed! Check out our exclusive Q&A with Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. We’ve also got shop tours with Kauer Guitars and Skreddy Pedals… Christmas present ideas for the guitarist in your family… and much more!

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Gearphoria Volume 1/Number 1 is here!

Have a plate of BBQ with guitarist David Grissom. See shop tours of Jackson Ampworks and Caroline Guitar Company. Check out the world premiere review of the soon-to-be-released EarthQuaker Devices Talons overdrive… and much more!


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Aloke, Linden, Division, DeCourcey by admin on Nov 2, 15
Inside Gearphoria Vol 4/No 2… by admin on Nov 2, 15

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The Bishop! A new overdrive pedal from Oddfellow Effects! Check it out... before it's, too late... ...

Link in bio... AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT. 20 % off this weekend. Sale price: $128. Price will go up to $165 after the holiday. Oh yeah... Free shipping too!!! Introducing the first single channel drive from Oddfellow Effects™! While the Caveman has become a staple on so many boards, it’s simply too much gain for a lot players’ needs, and not everyone wants a dual channel box. So we came up with a solution; The Bishop™! This single-stage, medium gain overdrive from Oddfellow Effects is a completely original circuit designed in collaboration with the infamous Scotty Smith of ProAnalog Devices. The Bishop covers so much ground, from a nice “top end hair” light overdrive, to full, thick, chunky rhythm tones. The dynamics and transparency that this unit offers are second to none. From the pick-sensitive feel to the volume knob clean up, The Bishop is one of those “leave it on all the time” effects. To top it off, The Bishop features an internal switch that allows the user to choose between “true bypass” or “buffered bypass” switching, as well as the ability to run on different voltages, enabling more tonal options. We do recommend plugging it in to 9volts, as the headroom is already phenomenal!

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Something new on the way from KMA-Machines... The Dead Stag! Check it out... ...

This is how it looks. Can't wait to release that bad ass pedal! #gearporn #pedal #effects #effectspedals #tonelovers #knowyourtone #fuzz #gearaholics #pedaljunkie #gearjunkie #pedalboard #gearpassion #gearwire #pedalgram #guitarfx #boutiqueguitarpedals #distortion #follow #toneheaven #tonepro #love #gearmania #gearphoria #bigmuff #modern #deadstag #parametriceq #baxandall

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